The Supplies You Need for Your Next Friends Night In

During COVID it might feel like you have exhausted all your ideas on things to do with your friends without going out, but I’ve done some digging. Here are some ideas I found to help you try something new or put a twist on something you may have already tried.


Idea #1: Basic Paint Night

You can never go wrong with a basic paint night as long as everyone is willing to try something new or just have some fun with some friends. If you want to do something different, you can all try following a Bob Ross tutorial and see how everyone’s paintings turn out.

If you feel like mixing thing up, instead of canvases, use tote bags! There are so many simple ways to make it look good and it can be used after the night is over. See the pictures below for some tote bag inspiration and use some painter’s tape to make some great designs!


Idea #2: Succulent Pot Making Night

I know that during quarantine a lot of people expanded their plants collection. Well, a great way to make these plants more of your own is to decorate your own pots! Alternatively, instead of buying pots, you could use glass jars or old candle holders to create some beautiful homes for your plants.

If you don’t have any succulents, but still want to do this project, the Blacksburg Farmer’s Market sells some on particular weekend. However, if you don’t feel like leaving your house, you get some here. I will attach some pictures of different pot designs below to get you thinking. Also, here are some awesome tutorials for ideas on what to do with the pots:

Extra supplies used in the tutorials:


Idea #3: Rock Picture Holder

This one sounds a little lame, but look at how nice they turn out in the picture below! This can be a quick and easy craft to create with friends that only requires 3 items and can be used later!

You can always grab some rocks from outside, but here are some in case you don’t want to do that. The markers used for the succulent pots can be used for this as well:


Idea #4: Wine Bottle Décor

Wine bottle décor is easy to create. Just grab some paintbrushes, a bottle from your graveyard, and start painting away! Once you’re done,if you want to easily light it up, I’d recommend using some great fake cork string lights:

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