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About Website Links Count Checker

A Website Links Count Checker is a tool that scans a website and provides a count of the total number of links found on the website's pages. The tool is useful for website owners, developers, and digital marketers who need to perform a link analysis of their website or their competitors' websites.

The Website Links Count Checker is simple to use. Users input the URL of the website they want to analyze, and the tool scans each page of the website and counts the total number of internal and external links found on each page. The tool analyzes all links regardless of formats such as text links, image links, or JavaScript links.

The Website Links Count Checker provides valuable information for website owners and digital marketers. They can use the information to determine the website's website architecture, which links are contributing to SEO, and if there are any broken links, which can affect website performance and user experience.

The Website Links Count Checker tool is free and readily available online. It is easy to use and requires no technical expertise. Website owners, developers, and digital marketers can use this tool to analyze their website's links and take the steps necessary to improve SEO performance and user experience. Hence, it is a helpful tool for maintaining website consistency, performance, and optimization.